Captain Ameripaws
Oscar the French bulldog, better known by his Instagram name @oscarfrenchienyc, may be the most fashionable and patriotic pet patrolling Queens, N.Y. Seeing him in this heroic Captain America costume not only has us heading to the theaters to catch Captain America: Civil War for the umpteenth time, but sheds a new, charming light on the phrase "small but mighty."

Photo courtesy of Andre Falcao/@oscarfrenchienyc
pogi the toy

Iron Dog
While this cute ball of fluff is no stranger to custom-made costumes, we think Pogi the toy poodle makes a pretty dashing Iron Man.

Photo courtesy of @pogithetoy
quinn the hedgehog

He may be tiny, but that won't stop Quinn the hedgehog-of-steel from lifting cars and melting hearts.

Photo courtesy of Anna Bonner/@quilly.quinnstagram
daredevil cat cosplay

Catt Murdock
Just in time for the second season of Daredevil, Nak the tortoiseshell calico slips into this bespoke costume of Matt Murdock—the lawyer by day, blind vigilante by night also known as Daredevil.

Photo courtesy of Freyu/@cat_cosplay
dogpool deadpool costume

Kiba the corgi and his owner Nicole Spickerman are well-known around the Comic Con circuit. As Nicole's service dog, Kiba takes role-playing to a new level with his epic costumes, which include Batman, The Flash, and, shown here, the distinctive red suit of smart-mouthed crime fighter Deadpool, guaranteed to make you smile from ear to ear.

Photo courtesy of Nicole Spickerman/Alex Davis/CourteX Studios/@nicoleandkiba
olive wonderpig

Wonder Pig
Meet Olive, the adorable mini-pig who loves dressing up and taking long naps. We couldn't resist her confident pose and golden headband as Wonder Woman.

Photo courtesy of Sophia Shems/@oink_itsolive
cat leonardo costume

Siskel is ready to pounce in his Leonardo Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles outfit. All that's missing is a slice of pizza—for his owner Sarah Walsh, of course.

Photo courtesy of Sarah Walsh/@rainbow_magic_warrior

Don't let Ziggy's tame disposition fool you. He may be a little smaller than Hugh Jackman's version of Wolverine, but we still think he looks pretty fierce.

Photo courtesy of Mike Scasserra/@collect_em_all

Taking a cue from the protector of Gotham City, Cosmo patrols one lucky home in Texas complete with bat symbol and a handmade felt utility belt.

Photo courtesy of Kat Fortner/