At Chimp Haven, a 200-acre sanctuary in Keithville, Louisiana, more than 200 chimps, most of them retired from research, spend their days roaming free. "Without sanctuaries, our residents, many of whom weren't even being studied anymore, would've spent the rest of their life trapped inside laboratories," says Amy Fultz, who cofounded the refuge 21 years ago. Meet three spirited apes enjoying the good life at last.

Sarah Anne, 57
"Sarah Anne, or Queen Sarah, is sweet but entitled. To befriend her, I had to make hot chocolate and spoon-feed it to her. She loves solving the challenges we create for our chimps, like recovering fruits placed inside plastic puzzles. You can tell she spent years in cognitive research projects."

Mackenzie, 28
"Ever since Mackenzie came to us from a research facility, she's been very attached to Bea, another resident. They often play together, and Mackenzie lets Bea steal her favorite treats—sugar-free strawberry and cherry Jell-O—without repercussions. That's a big deal in chimp world."

Henry, 31
"Unlike our other inhabitants, Henry was kept as a pet for more than two decades. Because he was raised by people, he had no idea how to behave like a chimp. But he's grown in the past seven years: He now plays with his family and likes to climb trees in the forest."


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