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Julia Roberts
Julia Roberts' favorite—and most terrifying—Oprah Show moment was the first time she ever appeared on the show. "I remember when I was on the show for the first time with the entire cast of Steel Magnolias all in one frame, just sitting there thinking this can't be happening to me," she says.

What Julia loves most about Oprah is how her thoughts and teachings have become a part of her viewers' way of life. "It's not even that aha! moment anymore—it's just that feeling of comfort all the time," she says. "She's always there. She always has something positive to say. Something comforting to say. Some inspiration. It's just a constant. It's a constant aha."

Julia has good reasons why she won't say goodbye to Oprah. "I couldn't possibly say farewell because, number one, I'll start crying and I don't have on waterproof mascara," she jokes. "Number two, I'm in denial that she will not be part of my every afternoon. How is it possible? My whole life she has been part of my every afternoon. What a great thing to get to say. I love you, Oprah. I won't say 'goodbye' or 'fare thee well.' I'll just say, 'Call me.'"


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