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For her new adventure, Cameron is turning the tables and taking control of the camera. She's producing her own series on MTV, Trippin', which she says has changed her life. Along with a few famous friends, Cameron is on a mission. Without cell phones, assistants or stylists, this crew is camping out in places such as Africa, Honduras, Costa Rica, Yellowstone National Park, Chile, Bhutan and Nepal for a good cause—to help people learn about the planet...and preserve it!

On one trip, Cameron invited her friends actress Eva Mendez, rapper Redman and Blink-182 guitarist Mark Hoppus on a trip to Nepal, where they tracked rhinos. They also met with a local doctor working to restore the endangered Gharial crocodile population. Later, they were invited into a local home.

"It was incredible to see how in tune these people are with their environment," Cameron says. "They're completely self-sufficient. Almost everything that they use comes from their own land: eggs, straw, wheat. Even the cow dung is used to coat the walls. Nothing goes to waste. It's beautiful. It's inspiring."
FROM: Jon Stewart Speaks His Mind, Plus Cameron Diaz's Big Adventure
Published on April 18, 2005


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