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The drama North Country is based on a true story of sexual harassment in a northern Minnesota mine in the early 1980s. Charlize plays Josey Aimes, a single mom desperate to find a good-paying job. Josey's friend, Glory, played by Oscar® winner Frances McDormand, suggests she apply at the local mine.

Even though the mine is required by the government to hire women, many of the male employees are outraged and begin terrorizing the new female hires. As she witnesses the escalating abuse towards women in the mine, Josey grows angrier and angrier. Complaining to her boss got Josey labeled a troublemaker, and the harassment against her turned violent. With the help of a lawyer played by Oscar® nominee Woody Harrelson, Josey files a landmark sexual harassment lawsuit against the mine, winning the first case of its kind in history in 1984.

"At the end of the day I'm only servicing the greater story," Charlize says. "When I watch this film, I'm incredibly moved by it...because of everybody in it and because I think it's a great emotional story."
FROM: Oscar® Winner Charlize Theron on Sexual Harassment
Published on September 30, 2005


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