Get rid of these unnecessary mess-makers in your bathroom!

  • Half-used bottles of shampoos, haircare products or anything else that's been opened and abandoned.
  • Rusty nail clippers, tweezers, scissors or anything else that's outlived its usefulness.
  • Out-of-favor nail polish or any other color cosmetic that no longer appeals to you.
  • Old toothbrushes. Replace toothbrushes every 3-6 months!
  • Clogged, twisted or bent tubes of toothpaste, ointments or anything else that's been through the wringer so many times they no longer work and/or look "scummy."
  • Tattered towels or anything else that's too worn or stained.
  • Worthless bandages such as Ace cloth bandages that have become stretched or shapeless.
  • Expired medicines—or any excess quantities of remedies you seldom, if ever, use. Get Julie's
  • Duplicate blow-dryers, hot curlers, curling irons, hair accessories or multiples of any similar haircare product you haven't used for years since permanently shortening your locks.
  • Pack duplicate cosmetics and toiletries you can't bring yourself to part with in a travel bag, and store the bag with your suitcase so it's ready to go. This reduces clutter, puts the duplicates to good use, and shortens packing time for trips. Then replenish each bag every time you return from a trip!


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