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Putter the Clutter
In my home, clutter seems to multiply magically. Piles of books form here and there, baskets of unrelated items seem to pile up throughout my house and stacks of papers simply grow bigger in size without any human intervention.

For some of us, clutter can be daunting and can make our homes feel messy and unorganized. For others, clutter feels comfortable and fine. If you are one of those folks who love clutter, skip right past this section, but if clutter annoys you, my advice is to "putter the clutter."

It is really hard to declutter a house in one day because it is such a daunting task, so putter around in each room. Break down the job and pick a room to declutter, then move on to the next room another day. Remember, all this clutter didn't gather in one day and it doesn't have to go away in one day either.

If you break this job into small puttering steps, you'll have a better chance of getting it all done and not be overwhelmed by doing it. Make this job as fun as you can by putting on some great favorite music and dancing your way through the job. Ask yourself as you start this job, "What do I really need and want?" Today is the day to recycle old magazines and donate clothes, furniture and items that could help someone else. Pare down to what feels comfortable and nurturing for you.



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