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Color Outside of the Lines
Color is a wonderful gift, and paint is low cost. Repaint a room or all the rooms in your home. Dream about what feeling you want a room or rooms to share, and think through possible color choices. Journey down to the local paint store for an adventure, and gather tons of paint chips for your consideration and reflection (they are free).

Rummage and explore magazines, pulling out pages of rooms that you want to live in. Look for inspiration everywhere, including friends' homes, museums, movie sets and nature.

When you are ready to paint, make it fun. Host a paint party and invite some friends over. Make a plan for the evening and give everyone a job. Before you know it, you'll have splashed some new life into those old walls.

Remember when thinking about color that white brings in light and is the perfect canvas for hanging colorful art. Red is bold, primary and dramatic. Blue is reflective and peaceful. Green is all about nature and calm, and yellow activates and brightens any room.


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