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Inspired by the story, Jennifer and Kendall decided to travel to India. "The culture shock at first was just so much, so that the first few days were really hard for me," Jennifer says. "I definitely had a lot of those moments where you just kind of step out of yourself and look at your surroundings and just think, 'How did I get here?'"

When they arrived at the clinic, Jennifer and Kendall met Dr. Patel and Sangita, an Indian woman who agreed to carry their baby. For three weeks, the couple lived in an Anand hotel as Jennifer underwent surgeries to remove her eggs. Every other day, Kendall took a sample of his sperm at the hotel, jumped in a rickshaw and delivered it to the clinic. "You get used to giving up all dignity," Jennifer says. "[You] just kind of do whatever you've got to do."

Once their procedures were completed, the couple made the arduous 25-hour journey back home...and the waiting began.