Dr. Patel shows Jennifer the ultrasound.

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After years of waiting and a 10,000-mile journey, Jennifer and Kendall anxiously awaited word. Finally, an e-mail arrived. "We saw the word congratulations," Jennifer says. "We've been waiting a long time for that word." The couple was overjoyed. "We basically collapsed in each other's arms. It was pretty amazing," Kendall says.

Two months later, Lisa Ling travels with Jennifer to India so she can be present for the first ultrasound. "I just feel in awe," she says. "I waited a long time for this, so it's really exciting."

Dr. Patel has another treat for Jennifer—she gets to hear the baby's heartbeat! "It's a miracle...I'm just thanking God and I'm excited and I wish my husband could be here to hear it," Jennifer says. To make sure Kendall can participate in the joyous moment, Lisa lends Jennifer a cell phone so he can hear his baby's heartbeat, too!

Jennifer says the experience is surreal. "[I feel] so thankful."