Queen Rania of Jordan
What worries Jordan's Queen Rania?

"I find that there is one overarching problem that's fundamental and that's common to all of the issues that we're facing today—that is the 'hope gap,'" Queen Rania says. "The gap between people who feel that if they work hard, they have a chance of bettering their lives, and those who actually feel that they are just condemned to a life of needlessness and hopelessness. A person who's hurting halfway around the globe, his pain is eventually going to affect me."

"I think it makes these people who feel that way more vulnerable to extremist views. They're easy to influence because they feel that they have nothing to live for and, therefore, nothing to lose. It's not enough to just tell people that there is light at the end of the tunnel, and it's not enough just to show them the life. We have to help them find their way towards that light, and I feel that education is a very powerful enabling tool to reach that."