Is the FLDS a cult? "Out of respect for the sincere religious beliefs of the people, I don't usually refer to it as a cult," Roger says. "But it really does meet every definition of a cult—minds are controlled, information is not given to them. They're told what to believe; they're told what choices to make—and they are not free to leave."

In the midst of confusion from the raid and a media frenzy still in progress, Elissa has hopes for a positive ending. "I hope that there is a change made," she says. "It will be tough, and so many people, especially the women, are going through a very hard time right now. I understand where their mind is and the pain that it is. But I hope that all of them can see that it is your girl's right to grow up. It is her God-given right to be a child, and to take that from them is wrong. And I hope to see that there will be girls spared a very sad experience and that we can see a change."