The Yasheni Community Centre empowers a community to overcome poverty.

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In the Zambian language of Bemba, "Yasheni" means "to enlighten." The Yasheni Community Centre strives to liberate the Chainda Township community from poverty, disease, illiteracy and ignorance. Yasheni actively promotes the rights of children and women. They directly implement child and personal development projects through community counseling, formal education, drama, literature, the media and recreational activities.

Yasheni also ensures quality health care is provided to orphans and vulnerable children, incapacitated parents, guardians, and disempowered women and youth. It enlists community support for children left orphaned by HIV/AIDS.

Furthermore, Yasheni provides a school facility and recreational activities for orphans and vulnerable children who for various reasons cannot be incorporated in the formal education system. They provide life skills and development training to caregivers and guardians. They involve caregivers, guardians and older children in income generating activities, enabling them to attain domestic sustainability, paving a way for individual members of society to achieve self-actualization and to realize their maximum personal and collective potential.

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