A member of the Angel Network community shares her inspiring story. 
My favorite week of the year is when I leave work behind and volunteer as a counselor at a camp for kids who have experienced limb loss. This summer will be my sixth year.

The kids come from all over the country and range from ages 10 to 17. Some of them were born that way, many are cancer survivors and others have been in serious accidents.

This camp is truly a life-changing experience for these kids. They are some of the kindest, most interesting people you'd ever hope to meet. They absolutely come alive when they meet other kids who've been through similar life experiences. It's a place where they make lifelong friends, try every sport imaginable (soccer, swimming, tennis, golf, rock climbing, etc.) and build confidence.

I was born missing my left arm below the elbow, and I never met anyone else who looked like me until I was an adult. It would have been amazing if I could have gone to a camp like this to try various adaptive sports and just hang out with other people who could relate to looking different. I wish every child who's lost a limb could go to this camp!

With the state of the economy, fundraising is down precipitously and the organization that runs the camp may have to turn away a significant number of applicants. Please consider a donation—every little bit counts!

To learn more, visit the Amputee Coalition Summer Camp website.

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