Secrets to Year-Round "Beach" Hair
Summer is coming to an end, but beach hair is still riding high on the wave of style! Hold on to this sexy style all year long, it's as easy as a day at the beach.

To transition this look from beach into fall fashion think "polished." This sexy look for the beach was tousled and wind blown. For fall, it gets all dressed up with ultra shine and a little refinement. This is how I styled both Jessica Simpson and Paulina Rubio for the Latin Grammy Awards.

Work With Your Hair…
…Not against it! Depending on your hair type, you can easily achieve amazing beach hair all year long.

For fine to medium texture hair that is straight to loosely wavy:
  • Shampoo and condition your hair before bed and towel dry.
  • Evenly distribute a conditioning mousse (with hold) in sections throughout your entire head, when finished comb through.
  • Scrunch your hair and get a good night sleep! You'll wake up the next morning with bed head with texture and volume! From here you'll only need 10-15 minutes to refine this look.
  • Begin at your nape, twisting and curling your hair around a medium size curling iron from the midshaft to the ends. Once you reach your crown twist and curl your hair from the roots to the ends. (Working on hair that is "dirty" helps your style to last longer).
  • Allow your hair to cool and then soften your waves by finger styling your hair with a greaseless lightweight shine serum.

For thick, curly or coarse hair:
  • Shampoo and condition as usual. Towel dry enough so your hair will dry by morning. I recommend applying a relaxing balm to your hair in sections and then combing through. This will help smooth your curls and tame any frizz. You should be fast asleep by now,dreaming of your loose waves!
  • In the morning, finish by beginning at your nape and twisting and curling your hair around a medium size curling iron. (From the midshaft to the ends). When you reach your crown twist and curl from the roots to the ends.
  • Allow your hair to cool.
  • Finish by loosening your curls to a soft summer wave by finger styling with a lightweight greaseless shine serum.

Island Perfection
For those who dare to surf into more adventurous territory, try setting your hair into braids before bed for a true beach look. For fine hair apply a conditioning mousse and for thick hair apply a relaxing balm to your towel dried hair. Remember always comb your product through for even distribution. For a more modern look, I recommend starting your braids two inches from your scalp. Also, larger braids will produce looser wave and smaller braids will result in a crimped look. When you wake up unbraid your dry hair and loosen your waves by finger styling with a lightweight greaseless shine serum.

Air Dry for Healthy Hair
I truly believe that the basis of any great hairstyle begins with healthy hair. Allowing your hair to dry naturally overnight eliminates all of the damage from blow drying and will keep your fall locks in super shiny easy-to-manage shape! Touching this style up in the morning only requires minutes. I recommend getting 2-3 days' wear out of this style. The style lasts longer as a result of the wet set and leaves you with more time to enjoy your day.

Tailor this look to suit your taste. After all, your hairstyle is only an accessory to the inner beauty within you!

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