Celebrity hairstylist Ken Paves lays down the "dos" and "don'ts" of getting a great new look.

Do tell your stylist you want a look that works with the texture you were born with, so that you can manage the cut at home. But...

Don't assume your old hair products are appropriate for your new cut. Ask your stylist which products can reduce styling time or let you air-dry. (And make sure he shows you how to use them.)

Do ask for layers around your face. Bangs or long layers around the jawline create a soft, flattering frame for your features. But...

Don't get lots of layers all over. Whether your hair is thin and fine or thick and curly, overlayering results in lack of shape.

Do consider returning to the color you had as a kid. It's probably the most flattering shade for your skin tone. But...

Don't overcolor your hair. If you pull the dye through to the ends only every other time you touch up your roots, you'll avoid lifeless haircolor.

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