trisha yearwood

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Vital stats 49, born in Monticello, Georgia. Lives outside Tulsa, Oklahoma, with husband Garth Brooks.

Fashion go-tos David Meister and Donna Karan for events ("They design for curves!"); off-duty, it's Paige jeans and pieces from White House/Black Market and J.Crew.

Entertaining style "I do something you can make in a huge batch, like chicken tortilla soup. Even Thanksgiving and Christmas are pretty casual. We might bring out better dishes, maybe use placemats."

Garth's favorite meal Anything in a casserole. "He likes everything in one dish, like my black-bean lasagna—he'll make a cold lasagna sandwich the next day with the leftovers."

Music fans vs. food fans "There's a pretty big overlap. The die-hard music fans keep tweeting, 'We like the show, but make another record!'"

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