Slimming clothes

Photos: Marko Metzinger (dress), Ben Goldstein (pants)

Clothes That Make You Look 10 Pounds Thinner
Crazy for This Dress!
I put this stretchy number on Gayle King and Lisa Kogan, and it instantly sucked them in and made their waists look tiny—er, even tinier.

Instantly Slimming Dress, $160;

The Little Black Pant
An inner front panel tucks your tummy, and the stretch fabric slenderizes all over.

Perfectly Slimming Pant, $72;
Fitted pants

Photo: Peter Rosa/Studio D

We Promise They'll Fit
Your search for the perfect pants is over. After surveying 10,000 women, Loft has created an ingenious new collection that guarantees you'll find the right pair. In a feat of fashion engineering, all the pants have been redesigned: The back pockets were adjusted so the butt is visually lifted; the side seams were moved forward and extra fabric removed so thighs look leaner; the knee breaks were lowered to make legs appear longer; and the waistband was widened (and interior lining added) to flatten and smooth the stomach area. But wait, there's more—the line is offering three versions tailored to specific body types.

The Marisa: (Left) For women who don't usually have a problem finding pants that fit both waist and hips.
$80, (Available in 9 styles and 25 colors)

The Julie: (Middle) For curvier figures—with a waist that is significantly smaller than the hips.
$70, (Available in 5 styles and 14 colors)

The Zoe: (Right) For those whose waist and hips are almost the same width.
$75, (Available in 3 styles and 7 colors)

From Runway to O-Way
Military Chic
Camo is one of my favorite prints: It matches nothing yet goes with everything. Which is why I'm loving these at-ease weekend pieces in army colors with hits of orange and camo, camo, camo. Luxurious details (like gold chain links) keep the vibe more brunch than barracks.

Find the best military-inspired styles.

New Romantic
Part The Royal Tenenbaums, part vintage glam, this look is flattering for most, with longer hemlines and forgiving silhouettes. To avoid looking like the Olsen twins in their bag lady phase, make sure all the colors in the outfit are of similar intensity, i.e., brights with brights or pastels with pastels.

Try a few stunningly sophisticated pieces.

Photos: Getty Images (runway), Marko Metzinger (vest), Ben Goldstein (dress)
Gold cardigan

Photo: Marko Metzinger/Studio D

Going for the Gold
We're crazy about this trend. With rich, burnished golds like these, you can pull off metallics long before sundown. Just limit yourself to one showstopping piece per outfit, and balance the dressiness with casual elements like flats, a white tee or gray flannel pants.

Check out a few golden items we love.
Mawi shoes

Courtesy of Mawi for Bruno Magli

Hot Launch: Mawi for Bruno Magli
These shoes just put a smile on my face. They're the dazzling result of a collaboration between London-based jewelry house Mawi and the classic Italian shoe brand Bruno Magli. The capsule collectional so includes other jewel-encrusted pumps in pony hair, along with matching bags and accessories. Consider them a modern version of Dorothy's ruby slippers: Click your heels and get ready to party.
Velvet pants

Photo: Peter Rosa/Studio D

Velvet Revolution
The key to wearing velvet without looking like an extra from Downton Abbey is to choose clothing in clean silhouettes and vivid colors and pair it with modern pieces like leather pants.

Cool (Left)
Top, Diane Von Furstenberg, $345; 646-486-4800.
Pants, $975;
Bag, Christopher Kon.
Shoes, Kurt Geiger.

Creative (Right)
Blazer, $475;
Top, Tribune Standard, $395;
Pants, $325;
Bag, Tommy Hilfiger.
Shoes, Ivanka Trump.
Trench coat

Photo: Ben Goldstein/Studio D

The Long and the Short of It
Most ladies usually fall into one of two camps: those who love hip-length jackets and those loyal to longer versions (and the resulting derriere coverage). Both groups will be happy this season.

We've selected a few of our favorite coats at either length.
Rocker glam dress

Photo: Marko Metzinger/Studio D

Great Buys Under $100: Rocker Glam
You can wear heavy metals, even if you worked them the first time around in the '80s.

Here's a grown-up way to pull it off.
Green handbag

Photo: Ben Goldstein/Studio D

Trend Alert! Green Handbags
Green is the new black: trade your go-to purse for one in olive, lichen or hunter instead. These muted shades pair equally well with colorful and neutral outfits—and black or brown shoes.

See a few of our favorites...
Patterned dress

Photo: Marko Metzinger/Studio D

Pattern Recognition
Minimalists, skip this slide. For everyone else, this is the season of the print—pretty patterns are on clothes and accessories at every price.

Here are the freshest of the bunch.
Reversible skirt

Photo: Peter Rosa/Studio D

Great Transformers: Reversible Skirt
What's better than a two-for-one deal? These fabulous reversible pieces save you money and closet space. Here's how to style them...

One side of this skirt is uptown girl while the other is mod Squad.

Tip: Balance a bold graphic print with a plain top.

Jacket, $1,695, and Skirt, $995, Lisa Perry;
Reversible jacket

Photo: Peter Rosa/Studio D

Great Transformers: Reversible Jacket
The deliciously soft knit is as comfortable as a worn-in hoodie but so much more polished.

The belt is included—wear it to work, lose it for the weekend.

Knit Jacket, Nic + Zoe, $188;

Photos: Devon Jarvis (mesh), Courtesy of companies (others)

Slap on the Wrist
Want an alternative to the ubiquitous boyfriend watch?

Here are some timely new options.

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