Claire Chambers

Photo: Bjorn Wallender

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Setting Up Shop
Claire Chambers, owner of Journelle lingerie boutiques in New York and Miami

For Chambers, installing four retail-inspired racks on her bedroom wall was a no-brainer. "I live and breathe lingerie, so I'm very matter-of-fact about it being a part of my life," she says. Her goal: a chance to show off her collection of 50 matching bra-and-underwear sets, and easy access to her favorites, which she organizes by color. (Everyday pieces are stored in two dresser drawers.) "Lingerie doesn't have to be taboo," she says. "Unless my parents come to visit. That's the only time I'll take everything down!"

Claire's Closet Credo

Display Collectibles
"If you love hand-painted kimonos or vintage rock T-shirts, consider hanging them where you can see and enjoy them," says Chambers. "Determine what you love and go from there."

Take Time to Organize
"Lining up your underwear by shade makes it easier to find the right pair for the outfit you're wearing."

Buy Neutral Colors or Matching Pieces
"I feel more put-together in a set. If a bra doesn't go with a particular bottom, I'll wear a flesh-toned seamless thong that disappears under clothes."

Cardigan and skirt, J.Crew, $158 and $128. Tank, Banana Republic, $45. Necklace, Nicola Yoon Design. Belt, Ann Taylor. Shoes, Edmundo Castillo.