Elena Agostinis

Photo: Bjorn Wallender

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Fit to be Tied
Elena Agostinis, painter and sculptor

For Agostinis, hanging a three-tiered scarf display on her bedroom wall was a chance to create a contemporary-art installation. Agostinis thinks life is more fun when you live with stuff instead of tucking it away. "I couldn't see why I'd store 300 scarves in plastic containers," she says, "so I mounted curtain rods and layered the scarves on top of each other. They're so beautiful to look at."

Elena's Closet Credo

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"I hang anything with laces or straps—including espadrilles and sneakers—from L hooks or cup hooks screwed into the trim around doors. It transforms plain old stuff into usable art," says Agostinis.

Adorn the Unexpected
"You can attach clip earrings to venetian blinds or, for pierced earrings, punch tiny holes in the slats. When you look beyond the closet, you'll find that you have way more room than you realized."

Be Fearless
"If you store things a certain way and it doesn't work out, remember that nothing is permanent. Just try it!"

Blazer, Tory Burch, $498. Tank, TSE, $250. Jeans, Escada, $490. Pin, Karin Wagner. Shoes, Isolá.