Monica Rich Kosann

Photo: Bjorn Wallender

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The Objects of Her Affection
Monica Rich Kosann, photographer and jewelry designer

Showcasing personal treasures is a way of life for Kosann, the author of Living with What You Love. She can't imagine a bedroom without favorite photos, knickknacks, and the jewelry she designs and wears every day. To curate this dresser-top tableau—forever a work-in-progress—she browses flea markets and antiques shops. "I'm always looking for inspiration," Kosann says. "When I found these brass hands, they were just calling for rings and bracelets."

Monica's Closet Credo

Forgo a Traditional Jewelry Box
Kosann uses stationery boxes, music boxes, and mesh bags.

Mix Vintage with New
That goes for the jewelry as well as the display. "I like layering old pieces with modern ones," Kosann says. "Charm bracelets never go out of style. They're a great way to tell your story and pass something down to the next generation."

Sort Ruthlessly
It's the only way to prevent things from getting jumbled. "I try to separate silver from gold. Put rings in one container, earrings in another. Pick a dedicated place for necklaces. I lay them down or hang them."

Blouse, Tucker, $335. Jeans, J Brand, $158. Jewelry, Monica Rich Kosann. Watch, Cartier. Shoes, Sergio Rossi.