Brooke Cundiff

Photo: Bjorn Wallender

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If the Cabinet Fits…
Brooke Cundiff, divisional merchandising manager at Gilt Groupe

After lining her 125 pairs of shoes four rows deep around her bedroom, Cundiff knew she needed a better system. One day she noticed a curio cabinet at a furniture store. "I had an epiphany on the spot," she recalls. "I could visualize my shoes in it." After a quick rehab—the paint was peeling and the piece needed more shelves—the velvet-lined cabinet now neatly corrals the 40 pairs Cundiff wears most. The best part: a streamlined process of selecting the 12 pairs she takes on monthly business trips. "This cabinet fits my space constraints and my lifestyle better than anything else," she says.

Brooke's Closet Credo

Add Storage
It sounds counterintuitive, but if you're short on space, try incorporating a piece of furniture. "I got my floor back when I put my heels in the cabinet," says Cundiff. "It looks nice and adds functionality."

Make Signature Items Accessible
"It's easier to wear something more often when you don't have to search under your bed or dig through boxes." Cundiff puts infrequently worn shoes (rain boots, gym sneakers) in a hall closet.

Rotate Quarterly
"This cabinet forces me to play favorites," says Cundiff, who keeps off-season shoes in a storage facility.

Cashmere T-shirt, Christopher Fischer, $175. Skirt, Marc by Marc Jacobs, $498. Necklaces, Circa Sixty Three. Shoes, Brian Atwood.