January is a great time for a new start. Damone Roberts helps you re-evaluate the past and get a fresh start on a new beginning.
I would like to extend an offer to you to look at your individual health, spiritual connection and personal state of being. Please make sure to incorporate a regular beauty regimen as you consider these very important components of your life.

I believe every woman is beautiful in her own unique way, yet are you taking the time to look and feel your best? It is a proven fact that when you look better, you feel and do better.

Start scheduling time for yourself as you finally step out of your beauty rut. You will find a renewed sense of self and a surge of energy. It is a new year, a new beginning and a new you!

Q: I really want to get back on a regular schedule with my facialist, but with children, a husband and a full-time career, there is quite simply no time.

A: You have to make time for yourself! This is not only to make you look and feel better, but also to lay down for a few hours while someone takes care of you.

Two hours a month (facials should be done on a monthly basis) is not going to make the world stop spinning. Realize that you are worth it! Surprisingly, you will have more energy and patience to deal with your family and career. Let 2010 be the year you make the change.

Q: I have always wanted to try one of the darker nail shades, which seem to be the trend right now, but I am afraid the look may be too extreme?

A: Dark nails are certainly the hot thing right now! The look is very stylish and definitely works better on short nails during the colder season. Remember it is just nail polish. It may be a bit more comfortable for you to try a deep tone with a touch of color (OPI's "Here Today...Aragon Tomorrow") versus a solid black. Let's make 2010 the year you step out of your box. Just go for it!

Q: My hair length goes well down my back and feel I have a tendency to hide behind it. I think I am ready to cut it, but want to be sure I'm willing to take the time required to style it on a daily basis.

A: Be truthful to yourself when it comes to hiding behind your hair. Consider why you feel the need to cover up who you are.

If you are seriously ready to make that leap, I would suggest you go to a professional hairstylist to discuss your time options for daily prep and maintenance.

I would also look into donating the hair (visit LocksofLove.org) as it is always nice to give back. Lastly, be truthful with your hairdresser. If you still want to have enough length to pull back into a ponytail at times, make sure you say it. Be realistic with what you're willing to do daily to make you feel your best in 2010.

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