Susanna Green swimsuit makeover in O magazine

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Susanna Green, 43

What Susanna sees in the mirror: "People say things like, 'You're tall and skinny—flaunt it!'" says Susanna, a massage therapist. "It never occurred to me that string bikinis made me look like a stick figure. My boyfriend says I'm like a gangly teenager. But I hadn't considered wearing a one-piece. There are certain days I'd like to avoid my reflection; especially with bathing suit shopping, there's always an ugh moment when you see how you're sagging here or find a vein there."

Adam's solution: For a body that's straight up and down, a one-piece can create an hourglass shape in a way no two-piece can, Adam says. This strapless suit with a ruffled diagonal sash (Marc by Marc Jacobs, $173) emphasizes Susanna's chest and hips, creating a waist. "I thought I would always need to wear bikinis to show what little shape I've got," she says. "But this suit actually gives me more curves."

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