Nina Boone swimsuit makeover in O magazine

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Nina Boone, 49

What Nina sees in the mirror: "My stomach is the first thing I think about when I shop," says Nina, a sales executive. "Every time I put on a bathing suit, I turn sideways to see how far my tummy pooches out." Nina holds on to suits forever ("It's like I'm afraid to try to find another") and only buys them online ("Dressing room lights are horrible, jeans leave marks around your waist—there's no way it's going to be a good experience"). She wishes she could find a suit she likes as much as one she wore in the '80s: a black one-piece with white straps.

Adam's solution: Nina was on to something with that suit, says Adam. Colorblocking works, if it's in the right places. Here (Spanx, $198), Nina gets the benefits of shapewear plus a little visual trickery: The dark part is strategically placed over her stomach, bringing the eye to the lighter areas and carving a new shape. "I feel contained," she says. "I don't just look good for my age, I look good."

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