Kerika Fields swimsuit makeover in O magazine

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Kerika Fields, 40

What Kerika sees in the mirror: "It's very hard for me to find a suit. Buying one is a wake-up call: Any denial up to that point about how much weight you gained over the winter is totally eliminated. When you're heavy, there's a lot to hold up," says Kerika, author of He's Gone...You're Back. "This is the biggest I've ever been, but I'm not going to let that stop me from wearing a bathing suit," she says.

Adam's solution: This Miraclesuit ($130) has Lycra to give Kerika's shape more support. "It drapes diagonally across the midsection, bisecting the body and playing up the waistline," says Adam. The deep V-neck and dark color are also flattering. "It makes me look good and feel comfortable," says Kerika. "My boyfriend and I planned a trip to Jamaica for my birthday. I can see myself wearing this on the beach with strands of beaded necklaces."

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