Yvonne Harris swimsuit makeover in O magazine

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Yvonne Harris, 66

What Yvonne sees in the mirror: "I find that most bathing suits are too big for my upper body," says Yvonne, a retired phys ed teacher with a 34A chest. "It comes down to finding good padding. If a suit doesn't have a lot, it ends up looking loose on top. I can't have that. I've worn only one bikini in my life." Yvonne's current suits are so old and stretched out that "they're hardly worth bringing home from vacation," she says.

Adam's solution: Soft, molded cups like the ones on this suit (Victoria's Secret, $88) provide a noticeable boost. The halter neckline also makes Yvonne's shoulders seem wider, building up her top half. "I love that this gives me cleavage!" Yvonne says. "I didn't know how to accentuate my features and camouflage the areas of my body that I find lacking. This suit revealed that I actually have a bust. I found myself peeking at the mirror and saying, 'Gee, I'm not so bad after all.'"

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