Sure, pigs are cute, but Mary Alice says they have no place on a pair of women's shoes. When Gwen arrives in her pig-adorned flats, Mary Alice searches the stacks for more age-appropriate footwear.

"The piggy goes to the farm, honey," Mary Alice says. "You've got a fantastic figure, but you're not wearing the right shoes for your figure."

The solution? Sensational Stuart Weitzman shoe boots, or as we like to call them, shabooties!

"What's great with a heel like this is to have that platform balancing it out," Mary Alice says. "Sometimes ankle boots that are cut right [at the ankle] actually make your calves look bigger. What's so great is that it's a lower cut. It's more of a shoe boot, and shoe boots are really elongating to the leg."

Stuart Weitzman Cover Up boots in Cola Suede


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