Best crayons

Photo: Kevin Cremens

Swiping, shading, and blending, we tried them all. Here—starting with an inspired new way to apply lipcolor—are the 44 winners you'll want to be wearing this spring.

The Easiest Route to an Artfully Made-Up Mouth: A Crayon

It delivers color evenly in one pass, and most formulas pack the moisturizing power of a balm.

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Best lipsticks

Photo: Kevin Cremens

Spring's Best New Lipsticks
The Colors: Red or rose, tangerine or fuchsia—all with a soft, juicy finish that makes lips look plumper

The Medium: Lipsticks, glosses and crayons

The Technique: Concentrate the color on the inner part of your lips, and gently press them together to blend it out. (Try lining with a neutral pencil if your lipcolor tends to bleed.)

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Best eye makeup products

Photo: Kevin Cremens

The Best Tools to Enhance Lids and Lashes
The Colors: Intense, sometimes unexpected, surprisingly versatile shades

The Medium: Shadows, pencils, wands

The Technique: Use a brush or sponge to blend out vivid shadows to your desired brightness. Or get dynamite definition with dark, pigment-packed liners and mascaras.

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Concealer and Foundation

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Our Favorite New Products For Flawless Skin
The Colors: Light-reflecting, skin-perfecting neutrals; sheer flush-enhancing brights

The Medium: Powder blushes and bronzers, creamy foundations, concealers and BB creams

The Technique: Even out your complexion with a foundation or BB, then dust a blush along your cheekbones for a face-lifting effect.

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