Springy Spirals

Photo: Fernando Milani

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Tight, Springy Spirals
Susan Carman, 44

1. While Susan's hair was sopping wet, Dickey massaged a capful of olive oil through it, from roots to ends. The fatty oil (coconut also works) seals frayed cuticles and helps other products go on smoothly. (At home, do this step before you get out of the shower.)

2. A thick styling cream leaves kinky curls soft and buoyant. "Don't be conservative—saturate the hair completely," says Dickey, who used a golf-ball-size dollop of cream on Susan's hair.

3. Once her hair had air-dried, Dickey gently massaged Susan's scalp, shaking her curls loose for extra body.

Star Product: Hair Rules Kinky Curling Cream, $15