"You look like Steve Jobs going to an iPhone launch," my friend Lisa says. "Can't you wear something colorful for once?" That might be tough. My closet is a medley of colorless clothing.

I'm particularly partial to gray. It's often viewed as simple and dull, but it's complex, literally. In painting, you can make gray by blending black and white, but also by mixing all the primary colors together; in that way, it contains every hue and shade. Gray is the sum of everything, which describes me perfectly. I'm an outgoing introvert with plenty of friends who loves being alone. I'm equally at home by the ocean and in the mountains. Each time I take a Myers-Briggs personality test, my results are slightly different. I'm neither liberal nor conservative. I take forever to make decisions because I can usually see all sides. Gray's an expression of my natural balance and even the occasional internal storms that result from the clash of opposing truths. As a composite of all colors, gray symbolizes oneness. It explains my penchant for finding beauty everywhere—even in the most unexpected pigments.

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