Considered one of the top beauty artists in the business, Damone Roberts' talent for painting faces and sculpting the perfect arch has led him to work with some of the world's most beautiful and famous people, including Madonna, Beyoncé, Gwyneth Paltrow, Megan Fox, Vanessa Williams, Mandy Moore, Alicia Keys and Robert Downey Jr.

In 2002, Roberts created his flagship salon, Damone Roberts Beverly Hills. Damone Roberts New York opened in 2008 on the world famous Fifth Avenue, and in 2009, the company's first concept salon, in partnership with OPI, opened in Studio City, California.

Roberts' philosophy is that everyone exudes individual beauty and "every face deserves the perfect frame." However, that beauty cannot be accomplished without the necessary tools. With this knowledge, Roberts has created a line of eyebrow accoutrements sold exclusively at Damone Roberts Salons,,, the elite Japanese department store Takashimaya in New York and at posh salons and spas around the country.

Roberts and his products have been featured on countless television shows and networks including The Oprah Winfrey Show, MSNBC, The View, BET, Access Hollywood, Good Morning America and CNN. He also showcased his makeup talents and brow expertise as the leader of the glam squad on TLC's national hit television show 10 Years Younger.

In 2002, US Weekly named Roberts the most important man on "Hollywood's Hot 100 List of Things Stars Can't Live Without." Allure magazine named him the "Best of the Best" for 2007 and 2008, and in 2009, InStyle listed Roberts as "The Best" in the Ultimate Black Book of Beauty. And, 2009 saw the debut of an OPI nail polish in the salons' signature wall color called "Damone Roberts 1968," which sold out worldwide in just four weeks.

Born in Long Beach, California, Roberts always had big dreams. While following his love of the arts, a teacher entered one of Roberts' drawings in a nationwide scholarship program at Rutgers University, to be taught by the world's best art teachers. Roberts' project took first place, a defining moment in his life. It was there that he learned about balance and structure, how to bring out a person's features and, most importantly, that what makes you different and unique can make you beautiful.

Roberts considers himself a beauty therapist. He uses his hands to create art, but his experiences and an open ear are the foundation for what has made for a successful career. Roberts believes his greatest success is not only showing people how to see themselves in a special way but in making them live it, love it and, most importantly, believe it.

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