A film editor takes years off her looks with hair and makeup.

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Jane, 54, film editor
Aging Culprit: Dull complexion, coarse, gray hair

Why Ted decided on a shoulder-length cut: So he could use long layers to take the bulk out of Jane's thick hair for a lighter silhouette. To create a softer look, Jason chose to cover the harsh gray that was sucking color from Jane's face. Because he thought going too dark would have a similar effect, he picked a medium brown shade and added golden highlights.

Why covering gray makes hair shinier: Gray hair has a thicker cuticle, so it looks rougher; coating it with dye makes each strand smoother and more light reflective.

Sonia's trick for camouflaging redness: A sheer, yellow-toned foundation was perfect for counteracting the ruddiness of Jane's complexion. Sonia applied it only where necessary—over her cheeks and around her nose. As long as you find the right shade, Sonia says, foundation can be used as a spot treatment. A pink-orange blush brought dimension back to Jane's cheeks, and a peach lip gloss added polish to the look.

Jane's revelation: "I thought I wasn't attached to anything having to do with beauty. I realize now how deeply attached I was. And about my glasses—I'm going to get contacts this weekend."