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Sara Frazier Miller, 27
Founder and Executive Director, A House on Beekman

Her Rescue Mission
When Sara came from Dallas to New York City for college, she saw poverty for the first time. Motivated by her Christian faith to do what she could to help, she moved to the South Bronx, one of the poorest areas in the country, just before her junior year. Her nonprofit, A House on Beekman, provides the community with a preschool, a summer camp, an after-school program, and more. Sara now oversees a staff of 15 and raises funds, plus she's always on call to hear her neighbors' concerns.

"Seeing how resilient the kids are inspires me," says Sara, (pictured left) with a few of the 150 children participating in A House on Beekman's programs. "They keep fighting even though the deck is stacked against them. That motivates me to continue helping."