A daycare center owner's beauty makeover to look younger.

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Noelle Alfonso, 37, daycare center owner
Aging Culprits: Darkness around her eyes; shapeless hair

Why Ted cut Noelle's hair: He cropped her heavy mass of curls to open up her face and reveal her striking neck and cheekbones.

The danger in a short cut: If it's too short, there's the unfortunate possibility of emulating your grandmother's conservative wash-and-set style.

…and how Ted avoided it: By giving Noelle bangs on one side and maintaining some length around the ears and in back, Ted kept this look playful and soft. Jason warmed up Noelle's base color to a chocolate brown to cover the gray, and wove in caramel highlights to add dimension to her curls.

The trick to disguising very dark undereye circles: Sonia minimized the shadows by blending a concentrated (but still creamy, to avoid cracking or caking) concealer under Noelle's eyes and on her lids. The makeup on the rest of Noelle's face was also chosen to offset those shadows. Sonia used only very light, fresh pinks and beiges—a pink blush, pale rosy gloss, beige eyeshadows—not a single dark color.

Noelle's revelation: "Yes! Yes! I have potential!"