A stay-at-home mom's decade dropping makeover

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Elisabeth, 42, Stay-at-home mom
Aging Culprit: Shapeless, severe haircut

How layers can save the day: Sideswept layers on a high forehead like Elisabeth's transform a face, making features look less severe. Hairstylist Ted Gibson refined Elisabeth's harsh blunt cut, giving her a shorter, graduated bob that accentuates her long neck and beautiful jawline.

Why highlights might be a good idea when covering gray: Jason Backe at the Ted Gibson Salon in New York City gave Elisabeth a richer version of her natural brown hair color to eliminate the gray. To ensure that the darker color wasn't too harsh against her angular features, and to warm her pale skin tone, he added chestnut highlights.

One makeup technique that's a good idea to avoid: Working a blush brush along your cheekbones accentuates the hollows of the cheeks, which already become more pronounced as we get older. Makeup artist Sonia Kashuk dabbed a cream blush only on the apples of Elisabeth's cheeks, rounding them out and giving her a rosy glow.

Why Sonia loves cream blushes: Powder blushes can sit on top of the skin, drawing attention to fine lines. But creamy formulas seem to melt into the skin, leaving a youthful, dewy finish.

Elisabeth's revelation: "I had no time to fuss with my hair. No time. But now I see why I should make some time."