Lauren Luke

Photo: Elizabeth Lippman

I am always being asked which colors best suit a particular eye or hair color, so here are some general pointers that I hope you will find helpful. Don't be afraid to experiment though!
Blond hair and gray eyes

Blond Hair and Gray Eyes
Dark blue eyeshadow
Mid-pink blush
Nude-peach lips
Blond hair and blue eyes

Blond Hair and Blue Eyes
Gold eyeshadow
Gold-peach cheeks
Peachy-gold lips
Blond hair and brown eyes

Blond Hair and Brown Eyes
Lilac eyeshadow
Raspberry blush
Rosy-pink lips
Reddish-brown hair and green eyes

Reddish-Brown Hair and Green Eyes
Light green eyeshadow
Peach blush
Terra-cotta lips
Black hair and dark brown eyes

Black Hair and Dark Brown Eyes
Pink-peach eyeshadow
Berry blush
Pink frost lips
Dark red hair and dark brown eyes

Dark Red Hair and Dark Brown Eyes
Dark green eyeshadow
Terra-cotta blush
Deep cherry lips
Brown hair and green eyes

Brown Hair and Green Eyes
Deep purple eyeshadow
Peach-pink cheeks
Pink-berry lips
Brown hair and blue eyes

Brown Hair and Blue Eyes
Chocolate eyeshadow
Golden bronzer
Nude-peach lips
Brown hair and brown eyes

Brown Hair and Brown Eyes
Green eyeshadow
Peach-bronze cheeks
Dark peach lips

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