Daphne before and after her makeover

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When it came time for English teacher Daphne to pick a school, she chose one of the toughest assignments—working with some of Chicago's most troubled students. "They have so much potential," she says. "They're really brilliant. They're really great kids. They give my life meaning."

Her hard work and dedication paid off! She received the 2007 Milken Educator Award for furthering excellence in education! When Oprah Show producers saw Daphne's story on the front page of the Chicago Sun-Times they invited her to Harpo Studios for a makeover from Rita Hazan! Rita gives Daphne a vibrant new red color and trims her hair into a short, sophisticated style.

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In addition to her professional success, Daphne has also attained a major personal achievement—she lost 200 pounds and has kept off the weight for five years. "That's a real, real accomplishment in life," Oprah says. "You look great!"