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The Secret Language of Brows
Did you know that the shape of your eyebrows might be communicating a false message about what you're feeling? In a study published last year in the journal Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, researchers digitally altered a photo of a woman's face to create different eyebrow shapes and showed the pictures to 20 people, asking them to what degree the various photos conveyed emotions like fatigue, surprise, anger, sadness, or fear. "Even subtle variations in the brows had a significant effect on how the woman's mood was perceived," says John Persing, MD, a coauthor of the study and professor of plastic surgery at Yale University School of Medicine. Intrigued by the topic, we decided to conduct our own experiment. We found nine real women whose brows were telling the wrong story, and challenged master eyebrow expert Eliza Petrescu to set things right. With only her tweezers, wax, and pencils, could she help these women look as energetic, outgoing, and poised as they actually were? See for yourself—their radiant faces speak louder than words. 

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