Makeup artist Damone Roberts may be known as "The Eyebrow King," but we think of him more as a beauty therapist. He's answering your most-asked beauty questions with confidence-boosting solutions that won't break your beauty budget. Ask Damone your question.
Q: Damone, I am a 24-year-old cosmetology student, and I recently found out that I have rosacea. I watched you transform people into beauties all the time on TLC's 10 Years Younger! I remember seeing some episodes where you applied makeup for people with rosacea. Are there any tips that you can give me?

— Michelle, New Hampshire

A: Michelle, I have found the best way to cover rosacea is to apply a green moisturizer to the skin to counteract the redness. I would then suggest a matte mousse foundation (Boots #7 Intelligent Balance Mousse Foundation, $13.99 at to even out the skin, while providing a cooling effect to keep the skin comfortable. Best of luck to you.

Q: Hi Damone. You are awesome when it comes to makeup, and I need your help. I lost my eyebrows many years ago due to a health condition. I had permanent brows done a few years ago, and they have since faded. I am due to visit the very sticky, humid state of Texas in a couple months. My question is: What do you recommend I use for makeup so they will not literally melt in the humid weather?

— Rita, San Francisco

A: Rita, I would recommend you apply your eyebrows with a brow powder (The Brow Shadow, $20 at instead of a brow pencil. Most brow pencils are made of a wax consistency, which allows for bleeding, or in a worse-case scenario, melting away. A brow powder adheres to the skin and has more pigment than regular eyeshadow. Here's to hoping that you have a wonderful, nonmelting trip to Texas!

Q: Hello Damone. I've been a fan of yours for years now and love the advice and sincerity you give to women. I would like to know, how do you take care of your hair? My hair is a very similar texture, but I can't seem to keep it healthy.

— Sara, Canada

A: Sara, thank you for the support and compliments. I suggest getting your ends trimmed every six to eight weeks, and remember to moisturize. Conditioner is a very good friend. I would also take the time to do an oil treatment once monthly (Gold Level Virgin Coconut Oil, $19.95 at to maintain optimum health.

Q: I can never find the right foundation! My birthday is coming up, and I want to blow everyone away. Damone, please help!


A: When choosing the right foundation, it is very important to apply the color to the jawline. You want to make sure to blend into the neck to avoid a mask-like appearance. The right choice is the foundation that disappears into the skin.
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