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Beauty Experiment: Clip-In Bangs
Full disclosure: These aren't my first bangs. Those I got four years ago, and I loved the instant edge they gave my look. But every morning was a surprise. Sometimes all the bangs needed was a light serum to keep them in place. Most days, though, they required globs of hair gel and intense flatironing. Before long, they were thinning and breaking off. When they finally grew out, I abandoned the style forever...or so I thought, until the beauty department sent me to Butterfly Studio Salon's Bang Bar, a smorgasbord of commitment-free fringe. Their stylist sorted through 11 shades of Hairdo by HairUWear synthetic clip-in bangs to find my match. Three sturdy clips—one at the crown, two on opposite sides of the hairline—secured the hairpiece; with a quick trim, it framed my face perfectly. I was shocked at how seamlessly the faux bangs blended with my real hair. And they have a major advantage over my originals: I slipped them off before bed, and in the morning—no surprises. I'll definitely try them again for a special occasion (like one of the trillion weddings I have to attend this year...). ($30 for fringe, $20 for trim, $68 for additional blow-out;

Verdict: Do it!

—Jihan Thompson, health editor