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Mistake #1: You go all in on gray—without a plan
Whether you're letting your gray hair grow out because you're courageous, rebellious or just exhausted by the tedium of coloring, it can be a gorgeous look that might just change your life. One thing to watch out for, though: The texture of your gray hair is probably not the same as the texture of your former color, so you'll need to care for it in a different way. Many grays are wiry and dry, yet can look youthful, shiny and sleek if you give them the proper attention. Shai Amiel of Capella Salon in L.A.'s Studio City recommends first sitting down with your hair stylist and assessing the grays: Your hair might be lacking elasticity (protein treatments can help), or moisture (try a hydrating mask). You may also want to treat your grays with a clear gloss to seal the cuticle layer for added softness and shine.