Using an eyebrow pencil

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Matching Your Brows to Your Haircolor
But, a slight tweak might be in order. If you take your hair two or three shades lighter all over, you want to lighten your brows just a bit, says Sharon Dorram of Sharon Dorram Color at Sally Hershberger in New York City. If you dye your hair darker than your natural color, you can deepen your brows a shade or two. Use a Q-tip or small toothbrush to apply the same dye you use on your hair. (If you go blonder, though, make sure you use an ash shade—a golden blonde may turn brows brassy.) Wipe off the dye every five minutes to see how you like the color; you can always reapply if you need more time (but once your brows are orange, or inky black, you can't go back). If you're also covering grays, you'll probably need to leave the dye on for ten to 15 minutes. — Jenny Bailly