For most of us, a ticking second hand represents nothing but stress. Now there's a timepiece that purports to relieve tension. The Philip Stein Teslar Watch may promote better sleep, a pervasive sense of calm, increased concentration, and increased energy levels. How? It produces an electromagnetic field that pulses against your wrist seven to nine times per second, mimicking the signals sent by the brain when you're in a state of calm or high athletic performance. A review published in The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine reports that the watch boosted immune cell production during in vitro studies. In another test, 30 members of the Miami Dolphins football team wore the watch for three months, and 97 percent of participants reported less intense aches and pains and improved sleep, while 93 percent saw an increase in daily energy levels. And, right here at O, The Oprah Magazine, a colleague who tried it swore that after two weeks, her chronic knee pain disappeared. Whether or not we're sold on the science, just looking at this watch makes us feel good, no matter how late we are.


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