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Are You Overconditioning Your Hair?
Our beauty closet here in the office is always stocked with more than 50 different kinds of conditioning lotions, mousses, and gels. Really, if you didn't know better, you'd think we were operating a hair salon. But none of these products will work for you...if you're like most women, that is, and you're overconditioning your hair, coating it from roots to ends. Conditioner should be used strategically and sparingly. Apply a half-dollar-size amount to the midsection and ends of the hair, since these areas have been subjected to months of sun and styling damage. Don't treat your roots, because they're already coated with the scalp's natural oils; additional emollients will just weigh hair down, making it limp. Also, it's best to use a volumizing product that's not too thick or rich, says Eliut Rivera, a New York City hairstylist.