Makeup artist and YouTube sensation Lauren Luke shares her step-by-step instructions on how to create a fuller pout in her new book, Lauren Luke Looks.
I tend to underplay my lips because I don't think they are one my best features. But if they are one of your favorite assets, there are lots of different ways to have fun with them.

The Pout
Matte the lips with powder foundation, take a light-colored lip liner, and draw around the natural line of the lips, bridging the Cupid's bow.

Draw a line on the lower lip very slightly below the natural lip line, but don't go into the corners. This will make the bottom lip look thicker as well.

Then, apply a nude lipstick all over the lips and up to the lip line (it should still show through).

Finish with a clear or light shimmery lip gloss applied to the middle of the lower lip only.

Keep your lips in good condition with Vaseline or lip balm. They are a great base for lipstick, giving a more stained effect.

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