The actress—who plays Will Smith's fearless daughter in this month's After Earth—goes weak for California burgers and stays strong with advice from Dad.
Best Adrenaline Rush
Any live performance, whether it's in a play or with the Citizens Band, a political cabaret group that I sometimes sing with. I get so nervous before I go onstage—beyond butterflies!

Best Comfort Food
I would fly to Los Angeles just for a cheeseburger with pickles and extra tomatoes from In-N-Out. As a kid, I wasn't allowed to eat fast food—my mom [Lisa Bonet] was too health conscious—so when my friends got their driver's licenses, I started sneaking it.

Best Lesson from Dad
March to your own beat. Yes, it's a cliché, but this industry can be judgmental, and it's easy to feel like you want to change according to what's cool at that moment. My dad [Lenny Kravitz] has stayed true to himself, and that's led me to do the same.

Best Splurge
An 1800s silk robe from a London flea market. It's too tattered to wear, but I have a thing for faded colors and beautiful fabrics.

Best Birthday
When I turned 11, my dad decorated a room at the Standard hotel in Los Angeles in a '60s, Austin Powers style. There was human bowling: You run inside a giant inflatable ball and try to knock down pins. To this day, adults say it was one of the craziest parties they've ever been to.

Best Saturday Morning
A drawn-out brunch over lots and lots of food with good friends and family. I always order a Bloody Maria, a Bloody Mary with tequila instead of vodka. And then I go home and nap.

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