Everything in life that I find meaningful I want to share. As a seeker on the path of my own spiritual evolution, I was introduced to the work of Caroline Myss, an astonishingly gifted intuitive who can see into people's bodies and souls. Immediately I wanted the whole world to benefit from her wisdom. In 1998 I invited her on The Oprah Winfrey Show to talk about her work. At one point in the conversation, I noticed the studio audience looking at both of us like we were speaking a foreign language—back then the idea of a mind-body-spirit connection was indeed a foreign concept to many people.

Caroline has been at the forefront of advancing spiritual insight and enlightenment in our culture. She is a teacher, thought leader, and mystic for the times we live in.

My most recent conversation with Caroline, during an interview for OWN's "Super Soul Sunday," brought an aha nearly every minute. Most people are miserable because they're trying to live a life that doesn't belong to them, she told me, explaining that no one can be truly healthy or fulfilled if their head and their heart exist as two separate forces within them. What you really want, she contends, is to be madly in love with the life you have and realize that everything you do counts. This is the essence of Caroline Myss's work: helping us all awaken to a life that counts.

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