Best Gift
A keyboard. My family didn't have a lot of money, but when I was 13, everyone pooled what they could and bought me one. I wrote my first song on it, "Never," about the relationship that would never happen with my crush because I had no guts. The keyboard is all beat up now, but I still have it.

Best Indulgence
Chips, salsa and queso. Tex-Mex restaurants always served it with meals while I was growing up. Now it's my comfort food. I frickin' love it.

Best Wardrobe Staple
I am a total jeans girl. It's a Texas thing: We don't get dressed up too often (I realize that means I'm probably in the wrong line of work), so I find ways to jazz up a comfortable pair of Levi's.

Best Performance
Singing at President Obama's second inauguration. I recently discovered that my great-great-great-grandfather fought for the Union in the Civil War. To know that I sang for our first African-American president generations later...I almost cry just thinking about it. I'm such a Hallmark card.

Best Way to Unwind
Since I'm usually talking and singing all day, I like to sit silently on my bed. My dogs, Security and Joplin (a Maltese and a miniature Labradoodle), end up jumping all over me, though, and I can never resist puppy playtime.

Best Advice
Sandra Bullock once said something like "Take advice as advice." Everyone gives you their two cents, but you have to follow your gut.

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