Do you have a love/hate relationship with food? Have you been numbing your life by eating? Not anymore! Geneen Roth has the answers to help you end your obsession with food.
How you think about food and how you think about yourself are closer than you think. Watch, listen and learn to understand what your body is trying to tell you about your life with this exclusive video series.

What Geneen Roth Wants You to Know About Your Relationship with Food

How do you define hunger?
What does God mean to you?
How to get comfortable with feeling uncomfortable
3 questions to ask yourself if you want to free yourself from obsession
What's your story?
Why it's time to change the story you tell yourself
What is The Voice?
How to disengage from The Voice
Geneen's 7 eating guidelines
The importance of eating without distractions
Do you pay attention to what you eat? Try Geneen's raisin, chip and chocolate exercise and find out!
Why men and women both use food for reasons other than satisfying hunger

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Geneen Reads Excerpts from Women, Food and God

"Being Hot Fudge Sundaes"
"Reteaching Loveliness"
"Using Food as a Drug"
"How to Put Down the Obsession with Food"

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The hidden benefit of improving your relationship with food


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